Txoko Tres: The Bell Housewarming Party

Last Friday night we had the pleasure of entertaining friends, family, clients and guests in the new home of Chef Craig Bell and his wife Adrienne for the third culinary event in our Txoko Dinner series. (Txoko is a basque gastronomical society of people in San Sebastian, Spain who come together to eat, socialize and experiment with new ways of cooking. San Sebastian is where Chef Bell completed his culinary externship.)

The event format was a little different than those of the past, instead of a seated dinner, we cooked and served our delicious delights in the middle of the Bell family’s kitchen. Items like Tortilla Espanola, Duck Confit Tamales, Seared Scallops, Corn Fritters, and Smoked Pheasant Dumplings — just to name a few.

Our new favorite bluegrass band, The Lantern Kickers, “kicked” off the party playing music on the back deck, while Vito and Mark from Limelight served up drinks that included our signature Big Hatt cocktail (a bourbon, lemonade, sweet tea concoction we always seem to have at every event), Goose Island beer and a selection of wines paired for our menu items by Adam Nan from Binny’s.

We could not be more proud to share these photos by Sarah Derer Photography from our event.

BHG_Txoko3_TunaSashimi BHG_Txoko3_TortillaEspinola2 BHG_Txoko3_TheLanternKickers_Violin_Guitar BHG_Txoko3_TheLanternKickers_John IMG_2791BHG_Txoko3_Sushi_SpicyTuna_Mayo BHG_Txoko3_SimmeringAppleChutney BHG_Txoko3_Scallops_Sizzling BHG_Txoko3_Scallops_Final_Closeup BHG_Txoko3_Sashimi_Red_White BHG_Txoko3_MushroomGravy BHG_Txoko3_ML_Guests_Cheers BHG_Txoko3_Guests_OutsideBar BHG_Txoko3_Guests_Linedupforfood BHG_Txoko3_Guests_Hugs_Smiles BHG_Txoko3_Guests_GettingFood_Smiling BHG_Txoko3_Guests_eating BHG_Txoko3_CD_Smile BHG_Txoko3_Guests_Connie BHG_Txoko3_Guests_BigLaughs BHG_Txoko3_Gnocchi_2 BHG_Txoko3_Ginger BHG_Txoko3_FL_Terrence BHG_Txoko3_FL_ScallopPresentation BHG_Txoko3_FL_SauteeingScallops BHG_Txoko3_FL_Charcuterie BHG_Txoko3_EmpanadaPoppers_BuffaloSauce BHG_Txoko3_DuckTamaleinBoat BHG_Txoko3_CornFritters BHG_Txoko3_Ceviche BHG_Txoko3_CD_RawTuna BHG_Txoko3_CD_RawTuna_Slicing BHG_Txoko3_CB_Guests_ShakingHands BHG_Txoko3_CB_Guests_McAlindens BHG_Txoko3_BigTimeSign BHG_Txoko3_BaconBrittle_Whiskey BHG_Txoko3_AppleChutney BHG_Txoko3_AFB_Guests_Smile

Our late night menu included coffee and dessert — donuts from our neighbors at Endgrain. (We called and ordered every single one they had — 64— that day! Also, we’re now 100 percent certain they are the best in Chicago.)

Endgrain Donuts

Doesn’t that look like it was delicious and fun? To ensure you’re on the guest list for our next Txoko Dinner series event, email melissa[at]bighatt[dot]com to get your name on the email distribution list. These events fill up quickly, and you don’t want to miss out!