Cocktail Party

When planning the perfect cocktail party, the invitation list alone can be overwhelming.  At Big Hatt Gourmet, we pride ourselves to partner up with each individual client to give them the most custom tailored event. From our initial conversations, we try to hone in on the mood of the event, the perfect menu, and how to execute it seamlessly.

Although gourmet dining is our specialty and main focus, we have partnership resources to add bartenders, supply tables and linens, glassware or china, sommelier, ice, specialty hand crafted desserts, and the list goes on and on.  We gladly take on all of those extra details so that you only have to worry about what time guests will arrive.

Repeat customers come back to us so frequently because with each party they are able to relax more and more.  Big Hatt Gourmet keeps notes and menus of previous parties, so when a repeat client calls… we are able to fast track their personal party style. The more our clients allow us to take on, the more time it frees up for them to be a host/hostess extraordinaire.