Year in Review / Year in Focus

So, as I sit I’m just wondering where the hell all the time has gone.  2012 was a bang up year for the Big Hatt team, and we have a bunch of really cool stuff planned for the new year.  (Probably why I am writing a New Years address in mid-March approaching April.)  Since I’m often asked about the events we do and just what is going on at Big Hatt, I thought I’d attempt a recap of some the 2012 highlights and some things we are shooting for.

  • Had a blast cooking for my Buddy Jack’s wedding.  We cooked for Jack, his family, and their friends at a blueberry farm.  The whole operation was done with military precision by people other than myself so you know it went well and I thought we brought some food to the table.
  • “What seems to be the problem officer?” Being pulled over by the Chicago Fire Department while driving down Clybourn smoking a 130 lb. pig, 10 pork butts, and a whole lot of ribs. “That things cool as hell, what are you cooking?”
  • Doing a Tailgate wedding – A couple got married in the back of pick up truck before the Bears/Texans debacle.  Despite the rain, a forty degree temperature drop, Cutler getting knocked out, and wind gust of 50 mph … it was still a highlight of my career.
  • Cooking with Dan Fox at Carl Blake’s farm, Rustick Rooster Farm, for Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern.
  • Cochon 555 Chicago and Memphis – Two great parties, lots of pork, bourbon and questionable life choices.  Moonshine with the boys down south and watching a lot of talent go to work.
  • Feeding the Chicago Fire Department and the Chicago Police Department while trying to explain that it’s not a food truck it’s a BBQ Rig.  While giving them cooking tips, a nosy vegan looks on after calling us in.  I am convinced that I am being pursued by vegans bent on destroying my capability to crop dust the city of Chicago with the wonderful aromas of BBQ.

So what do we plan to do this year – Its all up to you, if you have suggestion let us know.  This is what we have come up with.

  • Memphis in May BBQ Fest
  • Bikes and BBQ – Green Bay sometime this summer
  • White Trash Bash – looking for a location to through a trailer park honky tonk – any ideas
  • Brewery BBQ Beatdown –
  • Bears Tailgates
  • Urban Pig Roast – September 7th