Unbiased & Unscientific Reviews

Welcome to the first installment of what we hope to be a continuing column where our crack team of semi-professional industry people, friends, family, associates, and anyone not posing to be a “foodie” weighs in on the state of a restaurant food scene or anything that we deem necessary of a review.  Let’s be clear, there are no criteria that we are looking at in particular, no checklist, no forms to fill out and certainly no training or vetting of our rotating panel of opinions.  The only true criteria is you can’t be a douche bag – If you are questioning your “douchieness” at this point; shut down the computer and pull up a recent episode of the “Taste” from you DVR, while you are contemplating the culinary credentials of these celestial chefs I can only hope you have blocked out our website never to return.

As industry people we get asked all the time what’s the best BBQ, what’s the best Steak house, what’s the best restaurant.  So often we respond to this with delicate political comments so as to not offend your favorite restaurant or chef or not seem that we are attacking another chef.  The reality of the situation is a lot of places with great cred suck and I would never spend another dollar there if I was starving and the alternative was being water boarded while being forced to watch a simulcast of Oprah and The View.  There are a lot of places with no reputation, no publicity machine behind them that just rock out great food, and do it without trying to be cute or oversell you.   If your reputation is approaching the Jerry Sandusky neighborhood chances are you are not on our radar but stranger things have happened.

So this is how it is going to work we are going to select a spot to go and hit, or you can shoot the princess an email at Jessica@bighatt.com to suggest a spot.  Once a spot is selected we will assemble the team and make a research visit.  We will write up a brief report and then let the f-you’s start flying.

To be clear we are not shooting to tear places up or trash them, we are just looking for some straight up honesty in our food.  Jessica wants volunteers to dine with us, but be warned our vetting process is extremely rigorous and demanding.