An American Invention

BBQ is an American invention!  I could argue both sides of this statement until the end of time, but the reality is that in all my travels I have never seen the art of BBQ even approach what we do here in the good ole US of A.  As a son of the south, I do have to clarify that cooking a burger over high heat is grilling not BBQ.  I have agreed for the sake of time not to travel down the path of reeducating the un-baptized brethren of the northern latitudes.

BBQ is low and slow cooking with varying amounts of smoke used in the process.  Low and slow is defined as temperatures under 225 F and times approaching 20 hours for larger cuts of meat.  This low and slow method is used to cook the tough cuts of meat until they are fork tender.  Before we even had a country, we were cooking BBQ!  The great thing about this style of cooking is it is designed to be social.  Whole hogs cooked for family gatherings and events have evolved to be throw-down tailgate parties.

The big question we always get is – who has the best bbq? Or what style is the best bbq?  This is a Pandora ’s Box of problems with only one answer… Memphis.  I have been to some great BBQ shops all across the south and the US, but have never been to an area so dedicated and so in love with every aspect of BBQ.  Here is our chart to give you some background on the differing styles.

bbq chart