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Meet the team: Sara

Sara Johnson Big Hatt Culinary Assistant

Meet: Sara Johnson

Big Hatt role: Culinary Assistant and Client Relations

Sara’s joined the Big Hatt team to assist Chef Craig in the kitchen an serve as our liaison with clients ensuring and tracking details for each event so that we meet and exceed their expectations.

Sara’s career started in the advertising industry as a digital producer but her real passion has always been with food, family and friends. Her dream? Own a bed and breakfast when she retires on a large farm far away from the city. In the meantime (because she’s got quite a few years until then) she’s a private chef and nanny to a wonderful Lincoln Park family and helps keep things straight behind the scenes in the kitchen for Chef and his team. We’re excited to have her as part of the Big Hatt family. Email her anytime:

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Chicago neighborhood: Lincoln Park

Favorite Big Hatt Menu item:

“I have two. The bacon brittle is just damn good. But, Mike, makes a holy mama lamb meatball with this gruyere cheese sauce. It’s really good.”

Fave meal/dish to make:

“Brunch. I love sweet and I love savory so it’s a meal you can’t go wrong with. A savory chorizo benedict or sweet scone and homemade jam are what come to mind right now.”

Restaurant/Chef Dinner or BBQ?

“I’d say dinner — it’s my classroom. When you cook all the time it’s inspiring and educational to see how other chefs are creating dishes and foods with different ingredients. You enjoy the food, the tastes, the experience — whether you go with one special person or a group — sometimes I go somewhere and the meal knocks my socks off.”

Favorite ingredient:

“I’d say lemon. Zest, rind, juice —there is a lot you can do with a lemon in the kitchen.”

Favorite utensil:

“I have a beloved Sugimoto knife that fits my hand like a glove. I swear we were made for each other. It’s an 8” chef’s knife that the family I nanny for got at a fish market in Japan. I use it every day. The way it fits my hand is uncanny. We’re clearly soul mates. “

In my free time:

“I cook, honestly! I really like to have what I call fancy picnics with cocktails on the beach in the summer where I take a trip to the farmers market to pick up the fresh ingredients and prepare the meal right after.”

Bourbon or Beer:

“BOURBON! I’m from Milwaukee but I’m just not a beer drinker. “