Gratuity | What Big Hatt Gourmet clients are saying about us.

Craig and Sara
A simple thank you isn’t enough.  Once you arrived, I finally let go and never thought about food at all.  My family, friends and acquaintances were happy and satiated…what else could we ask for?
Mary Jane Beran, Naperville, IL

“The party was great and your team did a great job. The one thing I was a little disappointed about was that more leftovers weren’t left behind. I had a whole crew that was ready to enjoy the pork the next day but there wasn’t much to share!”
Adam R. Miller, Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

“Everyone complimented the food and we’re still eating the leftovers!! Can’t wait to do it again! Thank you for all of your efforts.” 
John Weaver, Turner Construction


local foods tweet about tailgate

“I am still glowing from the day. It was such a hit and I’m so grateful for how wonderful the food and staff were with Big Hatt!” 
Gertrude Lyons

“Everything was absolutely amazing!! My best friend told me I was holding out when I retrieved a tray of cobbler from the oven. She and her husband were on their way out, but stayed another two hours when they saw the cobbler – no joke! Thank you again and again for a wonderful event!!! We were tremendously pleased with everything!!!” 
Sheila Harris

ShannonH Tweet about tailgate

“Everything was perfect and everyone had a great time!” 
Kelly Owens

“Thank you for yet another fantastic party catered by your amazing team. The food, fun and flair you bring to each event truly “makes the party”. From start to finish, your whole team is wonderful to work with, fun and engaging and so professional. We look forward to the wonderful menu items you share with our guests.

In addition to your gourmet offerings, your friendly service is fantastic and we truly appreciate how nicely you wrap up the party.  Thank you for leaving us with the goodies of rub, BBQ sauce and Pete’s new “manly apron.”  We look forward to seeing you again at the event on the 22nd!”
Corinne Guarraia

“I loved everything. The sushi was amazing and Carlos was awesome. It was a huge hit and can’t wait to do it again. I haven’t had a better catering anywhere else! Thanks!” 
Lulujeta Jusufi

“Please pass along our sincerest gratitude for making our summer event such a memorable night!  The venue, service, and food were absolutely amazing.  There is a positively radiant energy that everyone who works for Big Hatt emanates and it felt contagious!  It was really great to witness the passion everyone had for what they do.  That truly made our guests feel welcomed and engaged in evening.”
Jennifer Hartig

Have a note of thanks to share from an event we’ve catered for you or that you’ve attended? Send it our way! Words of thanks are always appreciated.