CrowdTwist Iron Chef Teambuilding Event with Big Hatt Gourmet

Event | Iron Chef Competition for CrowdTwist

Big Hatt’s take on the chef competition craze is one of our favorite events to host. And this week we hosted an event for our partner Kapow‘s client CrowdTwist at the Merchandise Mart.

Four teams, one secret ingredient.

The event was designed to be a unique experience for CrowdTwist clients like Ulta and Sleep Number, who were in town for a marketing conference from various cities.

Each were assigned one of four teams—pizza, pasta, taco and sushi—at random before the secret ingredient, jalapeno, was revealed.

CrowdTwist Iron Chef Event secret ingredient jalapenos

Once teams were in place, they planned their menu items based on the ingredients provided and incorporating jalapenos.

CrowdTwist Iron Chef Sushi Team

CrowdTwist Iron Chef Competition Preparations

CrowdTwist Iron Chef Team Pizza member

CrowdTwist Iron Chef Competition Team Pizza

CrowdTwist Iron Chef Team Sushi member

And the winning team from the night: Team Pasta!

CrowdTwist Iron Chef Event Winning Dishes from Pasta Team