Big Hatt Gourmet Ribs

Event | Avison Young Chicago Cubs Tailgate

Big Hatt Gourmet Tailgate Terrence on the Grill

Gourmet grilling is kind of our specialty. And what’s the most popular place for a grill besides your back yard? A tailgate, of course.

BHG Terrence Preparing Pulled Pork

We’ve hosted pre-event tailgates for concerts at Soldier Field, Northwestern Football games, and even a post-event tailgate for the members of Zac Brown Band and their crew.

We’re big HUGE Chicago Cubs fans. HUGE. So, feeding the crew from Avison Young prior to yesterday’s Cubs home game was awesome. The weather was so perfect, our guests were happy, smiling, and fun… and the food was delicious (obviously).



Guests played cornhole (or bags – whatever you choose to call it) and sipped on their choice of scotch, bourbon, rye whiskey and local craft beers.

Avison Young Cubs Game Tailgate Attendees playing Bags

Big Hatt Gourmet Bar at Cubs Tailgate

We served up Big Hatt favorites like pulled pork sandwiches, Merkel sliders, and BBQ ribs.

Big Hatt Gourmet Pulled Pork Big Hatt Gourmet pasta and potato salad sides Big Hatt Gourmet Pulled Pork Sandwiches on a platter Big Hatt Gourmet Ribs Big Hatt Gourmet Memphis Cheese Plate Appetizer

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