Wagyu Carpaccio with Roasted Pepper Sauce 1

Experience Big Hatt

Big Hatt Gourmet offers a full range of events and experiences.  These can best be divided into BBQ Experiences, Culinary Experiences and Customized Experiences.

BBQ Experiences- This would include our famous “Pig Rig.”  This is a 20’ custom designed cooking rig for Big Hatt.  Most of these events are held outside and include a live cooking demonstration.  Commonly ordered items for these events are: Ribs, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Whole Hogs, Sliders, Wings, and Brisket.

Culinary Experiences – These events could be anything from an intimate cocktail party in your home to a corporate function or even a wedding.  We would create a custom menu for the event, coordinate the details (from ice to AV vendors) with our service partners, and all cooking would be done live.  Big Hatt Gourmet has catered for parties of 10 to over 200 people.

Customized Experiences – The most creative and sky’s the limit.  Events that we have done have ranged from hands on cooking classes, in-home chef skills series, BBQ skills classes (with the Pig Rig on locale), and both corporate and private tailgates.  If there is an idea that you have, contact us and we will make it happen.