Bacon Brittle. (We infused the Koval oat with this!)

About Us




Frankie Lagunas
Sous Chef

Big Hatt Gourmet has been entertaining and delighting guests with our signature culinary experiences since 2009. We believe that dining is equal parts event and experience and like to think of our Big Hatt Gourmet events as culinary adventures. Whether you’re hosting a farm to table dinner, backyard BBQ, concert/sporting event tailgate or a wedding reception, we’d love nothing more than to delight you and your guests with our food and our experience.

Culinary Experiences Big Hatt Gourmet specializes in:

Private Dinner Parties

Corporate Events

Charity Events

Private Cooking Classes + Demonstrations

Chef’s Table Dinners

Weddings and Special Events

Farm to Table and Pairings Dinners

Tailgate events (pre-concert/sporting events)